Mission Statement

The mission of Wonder Joy Academy is to provide an environment where the health, safety, and well-being of each child is the top priority. The atmosphere allows children the freedom to explore, create, and dream of the things they can think of. Play and a creative curriculum bring new concepts and information into the lives of the children.

Our Classes

Our Philosophy

Wonder Joy Academy offers a diverse learning environment, which includes a variety of learning tools which will meet with each child’s individual learning style. Our classrooms offer an environment where children can explore and develop while learning all the skills each child will need to have a successful future.

Our Programs

Daily sheets at your fingertips and interactive communication with your teachers at all times of the day!
Wonder Joy Academy offers Spanish classes as a dual language opportunity for your children! As a child learns a second language, they are able to communicate with their peers and be a part of dual language programs school systems offer. Not only is learning a second language a good learning opportunity, but Latin based language also helps a child learn other similar languages such as French, if they desire.
Children will learn communication, team work, and math skills as they enjoy their cooking classes every week. Children will take part in creating a meal or snack the class can share together. Cooking also teaches children about healthy food options and expands their taste buds.
While dancing seems like a fun activity for children to do, there is so much they are learning when they participate in a dance class’ such as development in their social/emotional and cognitive skills. Dance also teaches dedication to a sport and discipline while children learn about their personal space.
Facility Access
Wonder joy academy takes measures to protect the children and staff members. The center is equipped with a keypad which is used to let teachers and parents into the center. We conduct safety drills monthly to ensure the children are safe in all situations. The center has developed a relationship with a neighboring business as a safe place incase of an emergency where we cannot occupy the center.
Along with the camera’s in the classroom, each classroom has a tablet used to communicate with parents and update daily sheets. Parents information is stored online in the event we need to connect with parents. We also ask that parents help us provide a safe environment for the center and not hand out the code to get into the center. The Center Director will keep all parents updated with the new keycode every 6 months.
Live Stream Cameras
Being able to see your children during the day is a service we know is important to parents! It will give you peace of mind as you can see your child(ren) are having fun! The link will direct parents to sign up for PB&J which then needs to be approved by the Center Director.


Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out is a way for each child to have a night without their parents. The evening is all about your child(ren) while allowing parents a few hours to do what they need to get done or have a date night. The center will have crafts, dinner, and possibly a movie available for your child(ren), while they are with teachers who you know and are comfortable with. Please check with your Center Director about dates and cost.

New Year’s Day Party

Children learn about the calendar all year long and on New Year’s Eve, the center will have a party and learn about the year changing. Teachers will talk about the year starting over and what that means.

Dr. Seuss Week

The first week in March is designated to celebrate everyone's favorite author and a way to encourage children to read more stories. There will be themes for each day and fun activities for each child participate. Your Center Director will let you know the themes for each day!

St. Patrick's Day

A big part of our curriculum, at Wonder Joy Academy, is to teach children about the cultures around the world. Not only is it fun for the kids to try and catch a leprechaun, but we are teaching about culture and traditions seen around the world.

Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child focuses on the needs of young children and the programs which are available to children and their families in their community. The community gets together to provide a time when parents can talk with Early Childhood professionals and gain information which helps their children in their learning process. The center will have themes for each day of the week for children to have fun and learn!

Teacher Appreciation Week

We celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week because we want to recognize all the hard work teachers do. We will have themes for each day which allows us to spoil our teachers and show we do care about them. The Center Director will give out information about the week and how parents can help us celebrate those who work hard in the classroom.

4th of July

The Fourth of July is a special time for our country. The week of the Fourth of July, teachers will help children understand what freedom means and how we celebrate what we fought for. There will be treats made and art projects to display in the classrooms and center.

Halloween Party

Halloween is a time when children and teachers are allowed to play dress up and have fun!

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on the things we are thankful for. During the month of November, we teach our students how two different cultures came together and worked together to occupy and work the land we live on.

Winter Holiday

In December, we have many fun activities to celebrate with the children of the center. We bring many fun lessons into the classroom as we explore Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. Each classroom will explore any and all winter holidays that are found around the world.